I Am Beethoven’s Piano



The true story of a remarkable piano
(for children aged 8 and upwards)
Ann Rachlin


No one knew Beethoven more intimately than his piano.  It knew all his secrets, witnessed his tantrums, his quirky funny habits – and his despair as the great composer lost his hearing.   Beethoven’s Broadwood piano saw it all.   It has an incredible story to tell.   It reveals how it was chosen for Beethoven by five famous concert pianists, how it suffered on its long tortuous journey from London to Vienna.  It tells of its utter despair when it discovers how ill Beethoven is.  No one had mentioned that this famous piano was going to work for a DEAF musician.

In I AM BEETHOVEN’S PIANO, (12,000 words) the Broadwood piano reveals a secret that few people know.   A huge metal Hearing Machine was built on top of it when one of his friends attempted to help the great composer hear his own music.   With the help of Dr Alastair Laurence of Broadwood Pianos and two experts in Sweden and Ghent, Belgium, Ann Rachlin’s research has enabled her to include the piano’s fascinating description of the concept of this early Hearing Machine constructed on top of Beethoven’s Broadwood piano, using the original colourful quotations from the composer’s famous conversation books.

The story does not end with Beethoven’s death.  This unique instrument later belonged to Franz Liszt – its adventures are extraordinary – and all absolutely true. 

December 16th, 2020 marked the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven.   All over the world, orchestras, music societies, academies and in fact, all lovers of great music celebrated this momentous year.  Much has been achieved in spite of the pandemic. 

But what about the children? Ann Rachlin never forgets them.  I AM BEETHOVEN’S PIANO is a unique story, meticulously researched and written by her in her famous Fun with Music style, still bringing the love of great music to children all over the world and, as always, making it fun.   



1992 Ann Rachlin was present at the first concert in England of the restored Beethoven Broadwood Piano as some of the profits of its tour were donated to her Beethoven Fund for Deaf Children.   



Not yet published in paper book form

Audio Book recorded by Freddie Fox

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Freddie Fox – narrator – audio book version of  I am Beethoven’s Piano