Requirements, Duration and Fees etc


Ann’s needs are minimal. A darkened room (bright windows without curtains detract from the beauty of the images on screen) – a small table for her computer and projector – a glass of water – and that’s it. She usually makes use of the screen at the venue. If there is an overhead projector, Ann can link her computer to that. She brings her own lectern and light and changes the images by remote control.


The talks vary in length which are shown on the individual page. In some instances, they can be tailored to the needs of a particular audience.


After the talk, there is always a time for questions when Ann greatly enjoys interaction with her audiences.

Book Sales

Ann welcomes the opportunity to sell hardback and paperback copies of her books and (where appropriate her CDs) after her talk when she is happy to sign and personalise them.


When it comes to fees, although Ann is a first-class professional speaker and is paid accordingly by large companies and groups, she realises that many small societies have a limited budget. She is willing to discuss this aspect so that everyone is happy with the outcome. She is more interested in reaching out to a wide audience and her fee and expenses are always adjustable to individual budgets.

Ann at the British Film Instititute, South Bank, London