Feedback and References

We were treated yesterday afternoon to a matchless demonstration of the rewards for meticulous preparation, painstaking research, organisation, command of human and technical resources, rehearsal and brilliant delivery. Altogether a great master-class that uplifted everyone present and sent us forth with more than one song in our hearts! … please accept our wholehearted thanks.
Prof JN

Durham University - October 2013

Wow- Just spent the last hour plus listening to your lecture and music on Irving Berlin. What a fantastic presentation and so informative. Loved every minute .It was a real education for me. I had no idea about his early struggles and life at all. I also didn’t realise I knew so many of his songs without knowing-if you know what I mean!! ‘Top Hat’ has always been a favourite film of mine plus so many other titles and songs along this time line and so well presented. He was quite a guy. Interesting too that he/ they did not allow racism and stood by the black performers during those dark days- Brilliant.

Art Teacher

Ann Rachlin is a most talented speaker and engages the audience from the beginning, and has the ability to keep their rapt attention throughout. Her research and preparation of the various topics are meticulous, but it is her delivery that is unique and spellbinding. No praise can be too high of her innate ability as a speaker.
Professor Alan Martin, FRS

President of the Senior Common Room at Grey College, University of Durham - 20 June 2012

What an absolute delight and privilege to meet you yesterday and listen to your wonderful portrayal of Ellen Terry’s life. I know I speak for one and all when I say we were truly ‘hanging on your every word’! I particularly noted at the end that all of our ladies stayed seated for some time as I think we were all still spellbound.

Bexhill Ladies Who Lunch - August 2013

I so enjoyed watching your wonderful talk on Irving Berlin. You haven’t lost the art of storytelling and I found myself glued to my computer for 75 minutes! I am so glad you were able to stream it so that we could enjoy it. And I have to say, you look wonderful!

Music Director

Once again many thanks for a lovely evening (Edy was a Lady) on 30th September. I wonder if we could arrange a return visit next year? maybe your Music – The Food of Life talk?, if so could you let me know when you would prefer – plenty of choice at present! I am trying to book for Feb, March and April at present so maybe May onwards?

Monday Wives Hastings - October 2013

Many congratulations, Ann. You are a consummate performer (and, if I may say so, your outfit was stunning). I have not had time to view all of it but my appetite for your storytelling skills in conveying a Life are more than whetted! The fruit of much hard work and imaginative creativity.

BBC Journalist