Royal National Institute for the Blind

During lockdown, Ann Rachlin became a narrator of audio books for visually-impaired adults and children via the RNIB Library, donating her talent to this important cause.

She was deeply aware that the visually impaired children in lockdown would be traumatised even more than their sighted contemporaries. Guided on-line by her late daughter Jan, she built a tiny recording studio over her garage and there, totally on her own, she recorded her ten Famous Children Books – the childhood years of the great composers – adding music and special notes for the children unable to read the books for themselves. Inspired by a blind friend, Ann also recorded “The Tin Ring” – the true autobiography of her friend Zdenka Fantlova, (1922-2022). Holocaust survivor of five concentration camps and two Death Marches during World War 2. This too was made available for adult visually impaired people through the RNIB Library.