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….”A huge thank you from me to you for your wonderful “Fun with Music” classes. Finty adores them – you have really captured her imagination and only a few weeks ago I found myself buying her the full score of the Prokofiev “Romeo and Juliet” – and the Christmas list contains lots of other requests! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Alas, she has only one term left with you, but what you have done for her will last all her life – Michael and I are so grateful. Please keep in touch with us.

With love and thanks, Judi”
Dame Judi Dench CH, DBE, FRSA

I think you’ve made a marvelous contribution to the country’s life by introducing children to music and relating their growing love of music to the history of the country.

Archbishop Runcie on “This Is your Life”

I stumbled upon your music story tapes when I was about ten years old. My father used to take my sister and I out to the best CD shop in Singapore where we could buy one item per week (his gift to us). I bought one cassette tape out of curiosity (Nurse Goose) and loved it so much that my sister and I looked forward to bedtime so that we could listen to the stories. I asked my  father for every tape on the shelf each week until I had your entire collection.

We live in Hong Kong now and I’ve recently had my own children, Zahra is four and Reyka is five months old. I was delighted to find your stories on our Apple Music subscription (fantastic, no more rewinds :)). Zahra now listens to any story she wants at bedtime and we have avid conversations about the characters. She’s begun reciting all her favourite lines which makes me smile and reflect on what I was like.

I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that your stories never get old for me and that my husband and children are now your new fans. Every story book I read to my children are with “Ann Rachlin gusto”!  

I used to speak publicly for my work and I think your voice and speaking rhythm has always been there at the back of my head.

Thank you for being my vocal and storytelling inspiration; and your stories going digital allows me to share that with my family.

My very best regards,
Sharon Low Su Shing 

I just wanted to thank you for “A Musical Journey to the Moon”. It was played some time in the early 90s during my year 2 music lesson.  My mother bought it for me after I raved about  it for weeks afterwards.   Not only did it start a lifelong fascination with space but also for classical music.

For the last couple of decades all I could remember was that I had an amazing tape that I’d listen to at bedtime and go on a journey. But after a little bit of research I found out more. And low and behold, it’s on Spotify!

Currently listening to it and I’m in floods of tears. I’m 6 years old again.

Many thanks, Ann. This was needed!

S….. S….
May 2017

Ann Rachlin is undoubtedly an expert on Edith Craig. She is the author of an enlightening book about her and gives a fascinating presentation The Ménage à Trois In Ellen Terry’s Garden, about Edy and the two women with whom she lived. What Ann does so well is to get under the skin of these women, to bring them to life with humanity and humour but at no time overlooking the very important place held by Edy Craig in theatrical history.

When Ann performed The Ménage à Trois here in the Ellen Terry Barn Theatre at Smallhythe Place ( the theatre was created by Edy Craig), the atmosphere was so very special. The audience included both people very familiar with the Trio and others who knew nothing but all were held rapt by her truly joyful presentation.

Susannah Mayor
House Steward
The Ellen Terry Museum
Smallhythe Place

I was raised on your tapes, to the point where I hear your voice in my mind whenever I listen to the musical pieces you narrated! I myself now work as a writer, poet and storyteller, working with both young and adult audiences and I want to thank you for your impact on my life and my appreciation of music and story.

In my mind you are one of the great idols of my childhood!

R.R.R. 2014

Her story-telling power is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and her selection of text and music is nothing short of genius. She’s my TOP BANANA Best of the Bunch award for story telling.

Californian Press, USA

My favourite in the series was the one about Mozart’s childhood, Mozart the Miracle Maestro, very well researched, but presented in such a way that kids become fascinated with the 18th century. “A small boy who hated sloppy kisses!…A miracle in a cathedral in Rome!…The mystery of the Dark Stranger… Wolfgang’s journey through Europe with his sister”. In fact, and this is a TRUE STORY, one five year old, visiting Mozart’s birthplace in Salzburg, piped up, “that’s Mozart’s sister!” looking at her portrait. She’d recognized the picture from a children’s book and knew the story from Ann Rachlin.

And there are excellent ones on Handel and Haydn, indeed, two on Handel, which should be required listening for people who don’t get the baroque. Rachlin’s Handel’s Firework Party resonates with kids who know London. It is a godsend if you get stuck with kids in the car in Central London traffic. “Fireworks that backfire…Traffic jams in 1749…Sword fights on London Bridge…Road rage in horse-drawn carriages.” One minute the kid is having a tantrum, the next it’s transfixed by proper music, not pap. The performances are pretty good, LSO, Mackerras etc. Google Ann Rachlin for details. The series also includes ballets and orchestras and “stories” like Lt. Kije. Extremely good introduction to music even if you’re not a kid.

Classical Iconoclast

Ann has a special gift – she makes the composer come alive, making a lasting impression on young students!

Fort Worth Press, Texas, USA

I have completely fallen under the spell of your delightful recordings. In Assembly today the whole school sat entranced by your story.

Head Teacher, London

Thank you for giving Jessie a ‘love and joy’ of Music! I believe it will stay with her for ever.


Truly, it is inspiring to be able to expose my children to classical music and the ballet through your gifted work. I will certainly spread the word.

M.D., Boston, USA.

I know of no cheque which I write with greater pleasure for your are introducing my child to one of the most wonderful experiences in the world.


At times the music is so brilliantly interwoven with the narration one feels the composers wrote it with Miss Rachlin’s ideas in mind!

The Australian

Ann Rachlin is convincing because at the root of all her work, she is a good storyteller.

Music and Video Week

Ann Rachlin is a sort of Pied Piper of the performing arts, an inspirational and innovative teacher who has introduced literally hundreds of thousands of children to the marvels of classical music.

Classical Music Magazine

Mrs. Rachlin has a magical gift for storytelling I found myself as spellbound as any infant!

Country Life

Ann, 1970Ann RachlinAged 75 rehearsing for a Choral concert in St Thomas the Martyr Church in Winchelsea