Recording Artist & Author

In 1985 Ann signed with EMI who took the unprecedented step of launching a new artist with ten LP’s. Ten more followed shortly after and then the series was transferred to cassette. Today Ann’s 24 successful albums are available as CD and downloads and have won praise and endorsement from world famous conductors and musicians. Her insistence on quality orchestral performances, particularly for her younger audiences, has guaranteed her a place of honour in the world of classical music recordings.

As an author, Ann Rachlin’s first book “Sinbad and the Wizard Eagle and other stories” was published by Corgi. Gollancz published her “Famous Children” series of ten books which were translated into seventeen languages and are still popular with children all over the world.

Published in 2011, EDY WAS A LADY is Ann’s biography of Ellen Terry’s only daughter, Edith Craig, including her lost memoirs.

Ann also contributed a section in SEVEN CHOICES, Elizabeth Harper Neeld’s invaluable guide to bereavement, where Ann passed on her own experience and advice to others who are newly-bereaved on how certain pieces of classical music had helped her cope with grief and loss.


Why Fun with Music®™ is so unique?

Ann’s special technique has been compared to a ‘Concerto for Voice and Orchestra’, as she skillfully blends music and narration in a perfect match of mood and pitch, tempo and rhythm that entrances her audiences. She stimulates the imagination so that listeners of all ages find themselves “seeing with their ears”!

To introduce the love of great music to children internationally, Ann creates and writes all her own material, having first researched in great depth to unearth true facts guaranteed to appeal to her young listeners. It is her intimate knowledge of the masterpieces she performs that makes her so popular with audiences globally. This is why she has performed at countless international music festivals and appeared with major symphony orchestras in the UK, USA and Australia


Iain Kerr

In 1978, Ann was joined in Fun with Music®™ by Iain Kerr, whose brilliant musical skills were a great asset. His infectious sense of humour was adored by the pupils and he was known far and wide as “Funny Iain. On stage at the May Fair Theatre and at music festivals all over the UK, Iain brought laughter and comedy to Ann’s concerts when he played the part of the absent-minded Heckerty, the only musical witch in the world, who at 406, had baby-sat for the Bach and Mozart families!! Iain Kerr is a professional organist, composer/lyricist and actor whose distinguished career is described on his website