Computer Skills

Even Sherri, Ann's dog, uses the MacThanks to encouragement and guidance from her eldest daughter, Jan who works with technology, Ann has been a skilful Apple Mac user since 1992. She creates all her own audio-visual talks, each one lavishly illustrated with up to 120 images. She edits film, designs lables and inserts, adds audio – in short, she merits the cheeky title given to her by her offspring – "our mother the octogenarian geek"!

She's a highly intelligent dog!She has successfully converted hundreds of old cine and VHS movies and archival photographs to DVD, producing professional edited films with suitable added music and repoducing dozens of copies so that her many relatives worldwide have visible records of their roots, with access to historica family archives and memorabilia going back to the early 1800's.

Even Sherri, Ann's wire-haired fox terrier enjoyed using the Mac!